Work, Culture and Sociality in the Indian Information Technology (IT) Industry: A Sociological Study

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National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore (2006)



This report presents the key findings of a sociological study of the Indian information technology workforce that was carried out over a period of more than two years, between November 2003 and March 2006, in Bangalore and in three countries in Europe. The objective of the research project, entitled ?Indian IT Professionals in India and Europe: Work, Culture, and Transnationalism?, was to document the social and cultural transformations that have been set in motion by the rapid growth of the IT and ITES industries in India, and through this to shed some light on wider processes of globalisation. The study focused on the creation of the IT workforce; the new forms of work, employment, organisation, and management, and the new cultures of work that have emerged in this industry, and on the transformations in lifestyle, sociality and identity that are taking place within this new global workforce.


Copyright of this report belongs to National Institute of Advanced Studies and Indo-Dutch Programme for Alternatives in Development.