Underground Water Supply System in the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Bangalore

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Journal Articles


Water History, p.1-21 (2019)




Karez Bangalore SOI One Inch maps Remote sensing GIS Underground water supply systems


<p>Two maps covering Bangalore and its environs published in 1945 mention a network of Karez in the northern parts of the present Bengaluru city. The word Karez refers to an underground water channel system of central Asian origin. This paper analyses the network of Karez marked on these maps spread across the topography of north Bangalore using geo-spatial data (satellite images), ground validation, historical records (maps, gazetteers, reports and books). It (1) identifies remnants and traces of this network, (2) analyses whether they were built based on the principles of Karez, (3) discusses circumstances when these were built, and finally (4) conjectures the reason for this network to be called as “karez” in these maps.</p>