Stone fortress of Chitledroog: Visualizing old landscape of Chitradurga by integrating spatial information from multiple sources

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Journal Articles


Current Science, CURRENT SCIENCE ASSOCIATION, Volume 103, Number 4, p.381–387 (2012)



3D visualization, Chitradurga hill fort, old map, old painting, spatial data integration.


<p>The city of Chitradurga, known for its seven-tiered stone fort, is situated in Chitradurga District, central Karnataka. This city consists of many ancient temples and monuments interspersed between the strong stone layers of the hill fort. Enormous amount of information is available about these historical structures in the form of literary texts, old paintings, old photographs and old maps. This article discusses the methods of integrating the information from different sources using the GIS platform, thereby studying the change in the landscape over a period of time. In this study, an old surveyed map prepared by a British officer in AD 1800 is used. This map is georeferenced and the required information is extracted by digitizing the necessary layers of information. Threedimensional perspective views of the hill fort similar to old paintings were simulated using digital elevation model, thereby analysing the changes in land use and modern development in the vicinity of the hill fort.</p>


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