Report of the Expert Group on Washing of Thermal Coal is vital for India

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Coal Preparation Society in India, New Delhi (2020)


On 21st May 2020, the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) issued a notification negating its own notification of 2nd January 2014 doing away with the use and supply of washed (and blended) coal of ash content not over 34% to power plants located 500 km from the supply sources and also for those located in urban and ecologically sensitive locations, and allowing coal of any ash content to be supplied to the power stations. The new notification of MoEFCC dated 21st May 2020 is based on inaccurate representations and baseless arguments put forward by Ministries of Coal, Power and NITI Aayog. Therefore, on the face of it this notification is a retrograde step as this would lead to irreparable damage not only to coal-red power plants but also to the ecology in and around power stations. This will also have adverse impact on India's ability to meet the commitment made at the Paris Climate Treaty of reducing the GHG emissions to pre-2005 level, by 2030. In view of the wide ranging adverse impact of the Notification dated 21st may 2020 issued by MoEFCC, the Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI) - a professional body with members from coal, power, iron & steel, cement and allied industries and subject experts got all the aspects of washing of thermal coal and use of washed coal in power plants studied in detail through a group comprising of highly experienced experts having in-depth knowledge of coal mining, preparation, transportation and use in thermal power stations.