Predicting the performance of a photovoltaic system in the island nation, Mauritius

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Journal Articles


Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy (2020)



Atmospheric Pollution, Power management;, Solar photovoltaic plant


<p>Existence of microclimatic conditions in tropical island poses a challenge to integrate a greater share of renewable energy, more specifically solar energy into the power grid. Because of the high humidity and sudden cloud coverage, the power output from solar photovoltaic (SPV) plants is severely affected. In this manuscript, the performance results of a study carried out on a 15.2 MW solar photovoltaic (SPV) plant in the island nation Mauritius are analyzed. The net annual yield was 22,162 MWh. This plant has prevented 22,162 metric tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. A model is deduced to forecast the yield from the SPV plants at that location. The grid operator, the National Central Electricity Board, needs to know a priori, the energy mix for the subsequent few days so that the level of operation of fossil fuel-fired thermal plants can be tuned accordingly to minimize the environment pollution of this pristine island</p>