Harnessing satellite technology for education development: case studies from India

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Journal Articles


Innovation and Development, Taylor & Francis Group, Volume 4, Number 1, p.129–143 (2014)




distance learning, education, EduSat, functions of innovation systems, primary schools, satellite technology


Using the functions of innovations systems approach, this paper tries to understand the use of satellites for access to education. This is done by analysing the experience of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay distance education network and the primary school network in the Hindi-speaking states of India. In both of these networks, the initial strong thrust could not be sustained. Though lack of resources was the main reason in both the networks, the precursor for the lack of resources was different for each of the networks. IIT Bombay network was unable to provide connectivity fast enough for the rapidly growing demand across the country and had to find an alternative technology. With respect to primary school network, the key resource crunch was with respect to trained manpower and security personnel for the equipments deployed, and lack of support from softer institutions like culture.


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