Geographic Information System (GIS) for National Security

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Book Chapters


Varying Dimensions of India’s National Security: Emerging Perspectives, Springer, Singapore (2022)



Cyber security, GIS, Infrastructure security, National security, RMA


The ubiquitous nature of geospatial information systems has made them a useful system for managing and mitigating issues of resource and service management. It plays a crucial role in collecting, collating, analysing, distributing information that can better process the mechanisms of any earthly process or cycle. Its use in national security too is omnipresent. The significance of a location and location-based information for security purposes, traditional and non-traditional, find efficient manoeuvring of processes and information for the meeting of desired goals. The development of Geographic Information System (GIS) systems and related advancement has led to a stage where conventional aspects and information of national security can be integrated with GIS systems. This would reduce analysis time and increase efficiency in decision-making for the security issues.