Gandhi in the Twenty First Century: Ideas and Relevance. Singapore

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Book Chapters


Gandhi in the Twenty First Century: Ideas and Relevance, Springer Nature, Singapore, p.3-16 (2022)



Bhoodaan, Gandhi, Gramdaan, Ramraj, Relevance of Gandhi’s ideas, Surplus philosopher


This is an introductory chapter of this edited volume. This chapter reflects on the relevance of Gandhian ideas in dealing with the contemporary societal challenges. Departing from a body of literature that confines Gandhi and his ideas to a specific time, this chapter holds the view that Gandhian ideas transcend time. Accordingly, the chapter stresses on the critical need for revisiting Gandhi’s ideas keeping in mind the challenges that the society is witnessing. To blur the distinction between Gandhi as a philosopher, an activist, and a freedom fighter, this chapter highlights the surplus element in Gandhi in his multiple personality and roles. The first part of the chapter reasons with the need for and importance of revisiting and engaging with Gandhi’s ideas. And the second part briefly explains the fourteen critical themes pertaining to Gandhi’s ideas around which the book has been compiled.