Education for sustainability: curriculum provisions and teaching–learning in India

Publication Type:

Journal Articles


Current Science, Volume 122, Issue 1, p.87-92 (2022)



classroom observations, Climate Change, Education for Sustainability, sustainable development, teachers’ understanding.


The issues related to sustainability are emphasized in policy documents and included in textbooks in India. However, the dismal teaching–learning conditions raise concerns about the quality of delivery to students. Amidst these inconsistencies regarding education for sustainability, the present study sought to examine its existing status in two schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. An interview was conducted and classroom observations made involving 35 teachers in total. The study showed that teachers’ knowledge and attitude about sustainability were limited and non-scientific at times. Knowledge about climate and sustainability was transferred in an exam-centred manner without any focus on developing attitudes amongst the students. Highlighting the role of social experiences and cultural capital of teachers, this study suggests a need for concerted efforts to address their deep-rooted understanding and attitudes regarding sustainability.