Can it be boom-time for Indian Aerospace?

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Working Papers


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Volume WP1, Number 81-87663-47-2, Bangalore (2003)



Not long ago, Aerospace America, a respected magazine published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, noted in a review of Asian aerospace the 'India is emerging as the regions' most powerful aircraft manufacturing nation'. Surprised? So was the magazine, for it went on to say: 'This is curious, because South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan would seem to have pursued the most practical course for developing their aerospace industries...India's policy of independence and non-alignment has meant that its aerospace companies have some of the fastest growing technology centres in Asia'. Another foreign review, this time of the Indian space programme, pointed out that 'India can reliably and inexpensively launch its own remote sensing satellites, among the world's most sophisticated'. The widely read US weekly, Aviation week and space technology, lauded India for running its successful space technology, lauded India for running its successful space programme 'on a shoe-string budget'. The former Chief Administrator of NASA, Dan Goldin, had often said (before the Pokhran II tests) that the US and India were natural partners in space. And many others have said similar things about other Indian aerospace programmes.


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