Library Services

The Library provides membership in the following three categories

  1. Internal Membership
  2. Reference Membership
  3. Institutional Membership

1. Internal Membership: Borrowing privileges is limited to NIAS community.  Faculty, post doctoral associates and students are provided with Library Identity cards.
Registration form for Library membership is available in the following user categories.

  • Faculty/Post Docs (Form 1)
  • Students (Form 2)
  • Project Staff (Form 3)
  • Alumni (NIAS and IISc) (Form 4
  • Members of NIAS Society and Council of Management
Borrowing Privileges
Faculty /Post Docs
30 days
Adjunct Faculty
30 days
Students and Research Associates
30 days
Project Staff/ Project collaborators
30 days
Alumni (NIAS and IISc)
30 days
Terms and conditions
  • Project staff and project collaborators should provide a permission letter from the concerned project head who is a NIAS faculty
  • Alumni (NIAS and IISc) should be introduced by a NIAS faculty. This membership will be renewed every year
  • Loan period is one month
  • One renewal for a period of one month is permitted (unless the book is reserved)
  • Books have to be physically brought to the Library for renewal
  • Borrowing privileges not transferable
  • Reference books and loose issues of journals do not circulate

2. Reference Membership:  NIAS Library is an open reference Library. Reference membership is given to research scholars, students, teachers, policy makers, officials in public and private institutions and other members of the public provided they produce valid identity cards and a letter of introduction from the Head of their organization. Visitors who are introduced by NIAS faculty are also permitted to use this membership. 
Registration form for reference membership (Form 5)

3. Institutional Membership: This membership is provided to institutions based on certain terms and conditions. Application may be made in the prescribed form available in the Library. The loan is limited to two books per issue and loan period is two weeks.

Inter-library loan services 
Library participates in resource sharing activities with all major libraries in city and elsewhere and offers inter-library loan services to all faculty and students.  On request, document delivery services are also being provided on a regular basis.

New Books Alert Service
Monthly list of new additions is sent to all faculty and students and posted on the Library website.  Arrival notice of recommended books is sent to the concerned user.

Photocopy Service
Photocopy, printing and scanning facilities are available in the Library. 
Materials can be photocopied subject to copyright restrictions.
Printing articles from licensed content is restricted to NIAS community.