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Inclusive Manufacturing Forum

Appreciating its pertinence to future, NIAS is organising Inclusive Manufacturing Forum (IMF) with the focus of enabling product making and/or processes that fulfil basic needs such as food, water, clothing, housing, and healthcare across rural to peri-urban pockets. The anticipation is IMF'18 will be an influential platform for intense deliberations towards directing policies for empowerment stakeholders in six critical areas namely sustainable agriculture, affordable health care, renewable energy, water & sanitation and craft & small size manufacturing.

Inclusive Manufacturing

Inclusive Manufacturing (IM) is a new and next paradigm concept, where manufacturing, in its broader definition, is made accessible to people from all strata of the society, so as to accelerate sustainable development and dignified well-being for all. IM has three major dimensions,
enabling participation of people from all strata of the society, especially those who have been marginalized so far, including rural, poor, under-privileged, specially-abled, women and senior citizens.
providing access to all parts of the technology/product/solution lifecycle.
using technologies of all kinds as appropriate, including high technology, that’re environmentally friendly and efficient, reduce drudgery while creating new jobs and incomes.


The Forum will share best practices from experts and case studies, and debate focus of the Inclusive Manufacturing Initiative (IMI) with a set of invited eynotes and brainstorming sessions:
Reduce cost of products at the point of delivery - product optimisation
Improve understanding of customer cyclic affordability and aspiration – affordability engineering
Make products and services available to all – logistics optimisation
Engage people from rural areas in the manufacturing and distribution – process to generate employment engineering
Identify skills required for the inclusive manufacturing
Use of Cutting Edge Technologies for Rural Innovation


IM envisages dignified well-being and sustainable development for all, by democratizing and distributing manufacturing, empowering local production with local resources and marketing links. IM interventions are people centric instead of products or services with the focus to higher income as well as pride and dignity for all. IM should use its dimensions to:
Support a large and heterogeneous population; like creating jobs for millions;
Generate and(re-)distribute wealth; make manufacturing socially relevant; and develop a knowledge economy
In line with the UN Millennium goals: for prosperity, health, sanitation, water, infra, energy, etc.
Focus on continuous expansion of all forms of, including gender and inter-generational, equity.

"Inclusive Manufacturing shall inspire matching inclusive innovations to address inequalities and augment cultural authenticity and diversity and create jobs"

International thought leadership
Social and responsible
Crowd sourcing innovation & manufacturing
Rural business model innovation
Affordability engineering
Digital co-operative to sell artisan products around the World
Co-operative for rural logistics
Open source agri-tech & medical equipment