Symposium on Open Access to HSS research - Perspectives from Latin America and the United Kingdom

Symposium on Open Access to HSS research - Perspectives from Latin America and the United Kingdom'

Date: Feb 17, 2021
Time: 06:30 PM India
Host: Dr Venkat Nadella, DST-Centre for Policy Research, IISc, Bengaluru
Open Access in HSS in the UK - the conflict between big ideas and small communities
By Rebecca Darley ( Birkbeck, University of London)
Rebecca was part of a project organised by the British Academy, a non-governmental representative body for HSS in the UK, to write a report about the possible impact of UK’s open access policy on HSS subjects. The report <>, which was published in 2014, resulted in some changes to the government policy. In this talk, Rebecca will briefly discuss the global and local context of open access debate and the specific forms of open access that the UK makes most use of. Also, she will talk about the role of small publishers, especially learned society journals, in UK HSS publishing and the unresolved conflict between ideological support for open access and the practicalities of publishing.
Title: Social Sciences and Humanities open access scholarly communications in a developing region - policies, initiatives and needed changes in research assessment (the case of Latin America)
By Dominique Babini and Laura Rovelli (CLACSO-Latin American Council of Social Sciences)

In an international context of Sustainable Development Goals research agendas, and advances in open science policies and practices, SSH research produced and published within developing regions are an important contribution. Dominique Babini and Laura Rovelli will describe how Latin America has advanced in the past two decades with open access policies and initiatives that are collaborative, publicly-funded and non-profit, and the role of the Latin American Forum on Research Assessment (FOLEC-CLACSO) in the promotion of a much needed review of quality, grounded and relevant research evaluation procedures.



Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Organised by: 
APU, NIAS Library and DST Centre for Policy Research, IISc