NIAS Wednesday Discussion on “The COVID-19 Lock-down in India: Impacts on the Economy and the Power Sector” by Dr. Tejal Kanitkar

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Title: The COVID-19 Lock-down in India: Impacts on the Economy and the Power Sector

Speaker: Tejal Kanitkar

Chair: Anindya Sinha

 Date & Time: 17 June, 2020 at 4.00 PM


The presentation will demonstrate the use of a linear Input-Output (IO) model to estimate the economic losses in India due to COVID-19. The results show that depending on the duration of the lock-down (and the duration of its lingering impact, which is as yet unclear), the Indian economy is likely to face a loss of about 10-31% of its GDP in year 2020-2021 alone. The particular impacts of the economic situation on the power sector will also be presented. The daily supply from coal-based power plants has reduced by about 26% during the lock-down which may result in a possible emissions reduction of about 15-65 MtCO2  (depending on the lock-down duration). The cost of avoided carbon ends up being approximately USD 186-264/tCO2, much higher than the USD 7-12/tCO2 currently being paid by consumers in India, indicating the difficulty of achieving emissions reductions through restructuring economic activity as often advocated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020