NIAS Public Lecture: "Flow computations and their relation with complex systems and cognition"

Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru 560 012


Invites you to a






Flow computations and their relation with

complex systems and cognition




Balaji Srinivasan

Associate Professor, IIT, Delhi



Friday, 8st July, 2016 at 10.30 AM

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS, IISc Campus, Bengaluru 560012


Chairperson: Anindya Sinha, NIAS


Abstract: The computation of complex fluid flows is now a mature field with a variety of applications such as weather prediction, medicine, vehicle design etc. However, despite the field’s maturity, computational algorithms for fluid flow remain riddled with unpredictable glitches which require patchwork and fixing. We investigate if it is possible to discover global principles behind such problems and design self-adapting methods that do not exhibit such behaviour. The implications, insights and new problems that studies in flow computation suggest in the study of general complex systems and machine cognition will also be discussed.


About the Speaker: Balaji Srinivasan holds a B.Tech from IIT-Madras, MS from Purdue University and a PhD from Stanford University, where he was a Stanford Graduate Fellow. Since 2008 he has been a faculty member at IIT-Delhi and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Mechanics. He has been recognized for his efforts in teaching at IIT-Delhi by being awarded the Teaching Excellence Award twice. His areas of expertise are fluid dynamics, mathematical modelling, and computation. His broader research interests are in the domains of complex systems and cognition along with an interest in applying these to improve school education in India.


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Friday, July 8, 2016