Let us Discuss RiskComm with Dr SK Malhotra

Let us Discuss RiskComm“ with Dr SK Malhotra,

March 16th at 1100 hrs.


There is no aspect of human life that is untouched by science and technology in some form or another. High technology products and services are no longer the luxuries of the rich. Although the public perceives science as the provider of the solutions to enhance the quality of life, novel technologies are not always welcomed by the public. There is a need to focus on arriving at the methodologies of creating awareness among the public. This would enable absorbing the rapidly developing technologies and make informed decisions. At NIAS currently research being undertaken in the domain of Science and Risk Communication. As a part of creating a platform for engaging students, researchers in the domains of Science and Risk Communication and people, a discussion forum was started.         

We had informative discussions with Prof VS Ramamurthy, Prof Dinesh Srivastava and Dr KS Parthasarathy in the previous three editions of “Let us Discuss Risk Comm”.
The fourth in the series is scheduled on March 16,2021 between 11.00-12.00 hours.
We would be discussing Risk Communication with Dr S.K. Malhotra.

The meeting will be hosted on Microsoft Teams platform. 


Please join us using the meeting link: http://bit.ly/3eFN0Od

Tuesday, March 16, 2021