Final Colloquium by Mr. Sashi Kiran C on ‘Understanding and modelling residential electricity demand in India’

National Institute of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Science Campus



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Final Colloquium



Title: Understanding and modelling residential electricity demand in India

Candidate: Mr. Sashi Kiran C

Advisor: Dr. Kshitija Joshi

Date: Monday, 12   October, 2020

Time: 11:00 am

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Residential electricity demand arises from the need for households to meet various end-use energy services. This demand has seen consistent growth over the last decade currently accounting for close to a quarter of the total electricity consumption in the country. In developing economies like India this sector will also be a key contributor to future greenhouse emissions given that we are starting from a comparatively low base. But our understanding of this sector is still limited. To gain a better understanding of this space, we approach this problem in two parts.

In the first part, we outline a methodology to design and conduct a representative survey by presenting the case study of a primary survey we conducted of Bengaluru. Using the survey, we model appliance ownership and usage patterns identifying key contributing end-use categories and variations in patterns of electricity consumption across households.  Next, we develop a bottom-up, end-use model, disaggregated by regions, to project growth in end-use energy service categories. We identify growth in ownership of key appliances and changes in consumption driven by this growth. We model changes in consumption patterns at different regional disaggregation identifying key demand drivers.  Based on model insights from the primary survey and national model, we identify key policy amendments and suggest some new policy directions to manage the growth of demand from the residential sector.  


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Monday, October 12, 2020