The philosophy underlying NIAS is given shape by its research broadly in the areas of Humanities, Natural Sciences & Engineering, Social Sciences, and Conflict and Security Studies.

The Institute is unique in its integrated approach to the study of the intersections between science and technology, social issues, humanities and leadership.

The research areas covered at NIAS are broadly in the field of social and political issues, education, gender issues, philosophy, psychology, science and society, environment, agriculture, materials heritage, art, archaeometallurgy, science atlas, nanotechnology, history, social anthropology, interdisciplinary economics, strategic, security and foreign policy issues, consciousness studies, primate behavioural ecology, cognition, genetics, conservation and mathematical modelling.

Research studies conducted by the faculty of the Institute are disseminated through publications in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes, books, Institute's reports, and lectures & technical seminars.

The Institute Faculty and Research are represented by the Schools they belong to such as