In-house Publications

Materials and Failures in MEMS and NEMS
By Atul Tiwari; Baldev Raj
Internal corrosion of pipelines
By Anil Bhardwaj; Baldev Raj
Metals and Civilizations
By Sharada Srinivasan; Srinivasa Ranganathan; Alessandra Guimlia-Mair
Sharing blue gold: Locating water conflicts in India
By Shantha N. Mohan; Sailen Routray
Militant Groups in South Asia
By Surinder Kumar Sharma; Anshuman Behera
Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2013: Transitions
By D. Suba Chandran; PR Chari
High-Entropy Alloys
By BS Murty; Jien-Wei Yeh; S Ranganathan
Sodium fast reactors with closed fuel cycle
By Baldev Raj; P Chellapandi; P R.Vasudeva Rao
Nature's longest threads: New Frontiers in the Mathematics & Physics of Information in Biology
By Janaki Balakrishnan; BV Sreekantan
Interdisciplinary perspectives on consciousness and the self
By Sangeetha Menon; Anindya Sinha; BV Sreekantan
India's legendary wootz steel: An advanced material of the ancient world
By Sharada Srinivasan; Srinivas Ranganathan
Halagannada lipi, lipikara, lipi vyavasaya (Ancient Kannada script, scribe and cultivation of letters)
By S Settar


As a part of NIAS Outreach activities, the Institute would like to make available free of cost a set of its publications which can be collected from  NIAS Library.