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The NIAS emblem can be traced back to a remarkable Sanskrit work called the Sulva-sutras. Sulva-sutras are one of the four Kalpa-sutra texts concerned chiefly with Vedic ritual and display a deep knowledge of geometry from pre-Euclidean times. Scholars are not agreed on the precise date of the Sutras, but the text clearly pre-dates Panini and must have been composed before the 6th century B.C. The NIAS emblem displays an arrangement of bricks in the first layer of an altar called ‘syena-cita’. The altar has the shape of an eagle or falcon and is described in the eleventh chapter of the Baudayana text.

The syena-cita represents imagination that inspires great mathematics and engineering – an apt symbol for the National Institute of Advanced Studies.

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The NIAS Logo was designed by the renowned sculptor Mr. Balan Nambiar.

The facilities of NIAS include:

  • JRD Tata Auditorium
  • Lecture Hall
  • Conference Hall
  • Guest Rooms 
  • Green House for open air activities 

These facilities are used from time to time for various activities of the Institute and when they are not being used by the Institute it is available for others. 

JRD Tata Auditorium

Auditorium Foyer

Architecture of the auditorium blends harmoniously with the main building and has the following facilities.

  • A seating capacity of 320 persons
  • Flexible seat arrangement
  • Excellent acoustics
  • A long foyer
  • It is a distinguished venue as much for an international symposium as for a round table discussion, a performing arts event or an exhibition of paintings and sculptures.

Lecture Hall / Conference Room

  • The faculty block of NIAS has a lecture hall with a seating capacity of 100 and a conference room.

Arrangement for a Seminar

Round table session in progress 

Guest Rooms - Accommodation for Participants 

The Institute has 30 fully equipped residential rooms along with a common dining hall and lounge, capable of accommodating 60 people at a time.

For reservations contact:

Mr. Srinivasa Aithal, Head, Administration, NIAS

Mailing Address:

Head, Administration
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus 
Bangalore  560 012


+91 - 80 - 22185000


+91 - 80 - 22185028 




Plants and Trees in NIAS


National Institute of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Campus 

Bangalore 560012

Phone: 22185000

NIAS is located in the northwest corner of the IISc campus. The NIAS main gate is located next to the back arch (not the front gate) of the Ramaiah College complex, which is the best landmark to reach here. One can also reach NIAS using any of the entrances of IISc.

If you are coming from town (MG Rd etc), go north on Bellary Road up to Mekhri Circle, take a left there on to CV Raman Road. (If you are coming from Jayamahal Road you will go straight at Mekhri Circle, if coming from the airport direction, it's a right turn.) Continue down that road to the second signal, which is at CNR Rao Circle. The Main Gate of the IISc campus is on your right (sharp right).

Easiest way to approach NIAS from other directions could be tell the driver that you want to go to Mathikere; once in the general neighbourhood you can ask for NIAS.

From MG Road it should take about 40 minutes to reach the campus.


Situated on five acres of land within the verdant campus of the Indian Institute of Science, the buildings of NIAS have a strikingly distinctive architecture with elegant lines and arched corridors.

The fully furnished guest rooms make the visitors' and course participants' stay a pleasant one. NIAS organises a variety of programmes and public events.

The campus of NIAS is often admired for its peaceful and green environs, an atmosphere conducive to research.

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Megalithic Structures at NIAS by Srikumar Menon