Director's Message


The National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) has been engaged in promoting multi-disciplinary approaches to address impacts of scientific and technological advances on today’s society in the historical, social, cultural, political and economic contexts. During the last thirty years, NIAS has made outstanding contributions by discovering new and innovative approaches to understand various societal issues. NIAS has provided a platform to interact with leaders in science, technology, social sciences and humanities from the academia, industry, government and voluntary organizations. The greatest challenge of the century is to find a balance between our developmental goals and  environmental protection. With global human population set to rise to 9 billion by 2050, it is of paramount importance that we synchronize the development goals with the conservation of the Earth’s environment for sustainable development. We need to view this scenario as an opportunity to find innovative ways to find solutions to sustain development and to improve quality of life.

NIAS has been ideally placed to address all these issues affecting humanity having an ideal mix of natural scientists, technologists and social scientists. NIAS has contributed significantly to various aspects related to water, education, health, energy, climate change, urban habitat, conflict resolution, governance, etc from a multi-disciplinary angle.  Such a scenario provides us opportunities to undertake sustainability science research by bringing together expertise on global, regional and local perspectives from the natural and social sciences, engineering, humanities and healthcare.

As the logo of NIAS is of an eagle,  NIAS aims to fly high and provide broad and synoptic view of the earth and its sustainability to all concerned.  In the coming years, NIAS aims to take the lead in addressing issues of  sustainability in science  and  also becoming a net producer and exporter of knowledge on sustainability.