Towards measuring interventions in rainfed areas

Publication Type:

Book Chapter


Agricultural risk management, BS Publications (2015)



Indicator exercise, OMTI (Objectives-Means-Targets-Indicators), rainfed agriculture, systems framework, thematic framework


<p>This paper underlines the process through which we have arrived at the indicators for various thematic nodes to measure and evaluate interventions or comprehensive pilots in <span data-scayt_word="rainfed" data-scaytid="12">rainfed</span> areas. We conceptualize a simple four stage process, i.e., 'objective or goal formulation', 'means finding', 'targets settings' and 'indicator identification;, which we refer to as <span data-scayt_word="OMTI" data-scaytid="14">OMTI</span> (Objective-Means-Target-<wbr>Indicators) framework. In indicator literature, this kind of framework can be categorized under 'thematic framework'"or "goal oriented". The <span data-scayt_word="operationalization" data-scaytid="17">operationalization</span> of <span data-scayt_word="OMTI" data-scaytid="15">OMTI</span> framework highlights its nuances, and brings forth its limitations. In order to overcome some of these limitations, we validate the <span data-scayt_word="OMTI" data-scaytid="16">OMTI</span> framework using the systems approach and also classify the indicators as per some of the other frameworks in the literature. This can help formulate a baseline survey for interventions in <span data-scayt_word="rainfed" data-scaytid="13">rainfed</span> areas as also in other areas with appropriate modifications.</p>