Agriculture and Biosecurity

The goals of the research programme are to identify concerns in the biosecurity sectors of crop, livestock and the environment using risk assessment techniques, natural signals and biomarkers and impact assessment models with core value components such as social, economic, cultural and environmental values. The activities of the programme include risk management and development of qualitative, semi-quantitative (categorization and prioritization systems) and quantitative risk assessment models based on surveillance data, microbiological, epidemiological, commercial, climatic, transportation and sociological data. The development of predictive models with integrated approaches based on vulnerabilities, the cross sectoral issues and cost benefit studies of biosecurity measures and research questions on bioterrorism including agroterrorism are also prioritized. The research programme also works to provide a platform for scientists to address the ‘dual use’ dilemma in basic scientific research and the issue of scientific freedom within biosecure norms. It also aims to bring about professionalism in implementing biosecurity norms in the sectors of farming, poultry, aquaculture, dairy and other sectors.

Biosecurity research programme at NIAS aims to reach out to various biosecurity sectors through its outreach programmes and at as a forum for discussion on biosecurity issues and a platform for effective communication between experts and public on biosecurity. Outreach programmes also aim to bring out awareness through bringing out brochures and educational material that will help all concerns to develop skills in managing threats. The biosecurity group is planning to collaborate with other institutions/ universities in the country in order to pursue its academic goals.

Conference Papers

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