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NIAS is committed to make manufacturing socially relevant, with focus on rural sector and bottom of the pyramid to improve citizen’s health, sanitation, water, infra, energy in a sustainable manner. This purpose is to serve the needs of our heterogeneous population with equity and mitigating undesirable inequalities. NIAS has established an “Inclusive Manufacturing Forum” in collaboration with Cranfield University, UK and IISc, Bengaluru during January 2017.


Under the aegis of this forum, NIAS organised its first meeting attended by over 100 invited participants, including 50 acclaimed thought leaders from engineering, social sciences, rural sector, corporates, NGOs and the government during 6-8 April 2017. This ideation meeting enabled leaders to bring focus technologies / products / processes as appropriate and incorporating relevant high technology, which is environmentally friendly and efficient, reducing labour, enhancing inclusivity while creating new jobs/incomes keeping all strata of the society in mind especially those who have been marginalized so far, covering rural, poor, under-privileged, specially-abled, women and senior citizens. It is a matter of delight that IMF-17 was strongly supported by public and private funding with a common vision.

Proposal for IMF-2018

To take forward this vision of IMF with systematic approach, and create better models for inclusive manufacturing with technology foresight. NIAS along with Cranfield University, UK and IISc, Bengaluru proposes to host IMF’18 during 4-7 April 2018 at Bengaluru. IMF’18 will focus on technology development, product Innovation, village manufacturing centres, micro factories, incubators, accelerators to touch the lives of citizens at the bottom of pyramid while delivering quality, using local materials and enhanced skill sets. Digital technologies are integrated to the Forum for value and relevance enhancements, productivity and wealth generation with focus at rural levels and bottom of the pyramid citizens. The country needs many innovations where value accrues primarily to the society rather than private individuals and organizations. Achieving goals of inclusive manufacturing requires us to look at every aspect of product life cycle and manufacturing value chain which includes product design, materials, manufacturing processes, production system, supply chain, quality, etc. through life cycle, sustainability, etc. These aspects will be discussed in depth during the proposed Forum meeting with an aim based on inclusive manufacturing to enable fulfilment of basic needs in food, water, clothing, housing, and healthcare (focus themes for IMF’18) across rural to peri-urban populations in India and across the world. A copy of the brochure is enclosed with tentative programme for your perusal. We would be pleased to have your suggestions, comments, answer your queries to make IMF’18 a more purposeful and focussed event.


To meet the mandates of IMF by undertaking many effective platforms to reach from local to international policy makers, by subsisting incurrences of the contribution, organisers need the support of several patrons. Patronage through generous sponsorship, grants and funds encourages IMF to pursue IM concept and offers patrons an opportunity to affiliate with IMF activities. Patronage enables IMF subsists its mission to prompt inclusive developments across the world thro' manufacturing and render dignified wellbeing, will usher in new engineering technologies and processes suitable for our country’s rural and peri urban settings for achieving a more inclusive world with manufacturing at the centre of its purpose and mandate. IMF partners are permanent philanthropic invitees, who wish to lead this initiative and all activities with ample patronage. IMF partnership enables you to become the face of inclusive manufacturing towards holistic development of society at large.

Benefits from patronizing IMF

  • EXPOSURE reaches out to thought leaders from academia, industry, NGOs and government to engage in focused interactions.
  • NETWORKING opportunities with high profile researchers, academics and industry delegates.
  • OPPORTUNITY to with a strong rapport with IMF participants and gain visibility among the target sectors.
  • POSITIONING of novel products and process across the globe.
  • PROMOTION of initiative, products and services to multi-stakeholders
  • IDENTIFICATION of promising need for prospective investments.
  • COMMUNIQUE gains brand value with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, leaders and decision-makers.
  • OUTREACH communications reach a large set of diaspora

Sponsorships and patronage made to NIAS are approved by Government of India u/s 35(i) and (ii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for claiming 175% weighted deduction on the donated amount as per the Finance Act 2010 (amended). NIAS shall provide any specific details that you may desire in this regard, with delighted pleasure.


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