Indian Institute of Science
Cranfield University
Inclusive Manufacturing Forum

Inclusive Manufacturing will develop environmentally friendly products and associated services that are accessible and usable by a very large heterogeneous population base using value based cost engineering, advanced automation, community involvement, open source design and responsible innovation.


from all age and gender and all economic, social, political and cultural strata
in taking resposibility for the whole life cycle from manufacturing through use to end of life
of technology at all levels, high and low, as appropriate
for dignified well-being and sustainble development for all


The Forum will share best practices from experts and case studies, and debate focus of the Inclusive Manufacturing Initiative (IMI) with a set of invited eynotes and brainstorming sessions:
Reduce cost of products at the point of delivery - product optimisation
Improve understanding of customer cyclic affordability and aspiration – affordability engineering
Make products and services available to all – logistics optimisation
Engage people from rural areas in the manufacturing and distribution – process to generate employment engineering
Identify skills required for the inclusive manufacturing
Use of Cutting Edge Technologies for Rural Innovation


Value based cost engineering – innovating products and services with wider price points – increase choice – industrial automation
Optimising product and process concurrently during development – co-operatives running logistics to deliver products to ‘micro shops’
Business model innovation – creating larger markets for specialist artisan products using mobile and web technologies – local language + English – digital co-operatives, creating jobs
Developing opportunities for ‘micro manufacturing’ for certain products within the communities based on open source design and manufacturing processes – define standards
Innovating affordable complex products – agro-tech (e.g. food processing units), health care (e.g. water purification plant) with deeper study of different working conditions, skills level and cultural influences – open source the designs
Developing digital market place for rural economic development

"Inclusive Manufacturing shall inspire matching inclusive innovations to address inequalities and augment cultural authenticity and diversity and create jobs"

International thought leadership
Social and responsible
Crowd sourcing innovation & manufacturing
Rural business model innovation
Affordability engineering
Digital co-operative to sell artisan products around the World
Co-operative for rural logistics
Open source agri-tech & medical equipment