A Two-Day Online Workshop on "Facets of AI" Organised by NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme




Two-day Online Workshop on "Facets of AI"  

Organised by NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme,

National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bangalore 560012


Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since Alan Turing raised the question "Can Machines Think?"  in his famous 1950 paper. However, to this day, we have no idea whether machines (computers) can think. Nevertheless, the effort to build intelligent and smart machines continues and AI today finds applications in nearly all spheres of human activity - from number-crunching to beating chess champions; from driving cars to assisting complicated surgery. Every day, 3 billion devices (such as smartphones) worldwide use AI, such has been the impact of AI.  The increasing pervasiveness of intelligent computing machines in our day-to-day lives is raising a host of issues that were previously not even imagined (for example - Should robots be given equal rights as humans in the future?). In this workshop, we will explore several facets such as philosophical, technological, ethical, societal and cultural dimensions that intersect with AI creating interesting challenges, issues, dilemmas, possibilities and unique opportunities for the future.

A two-day online workshop on "Facets of AI" with four expert resource persons and four intriguing lectures will be organized on 15th and 16th July 2020 via Zoom.

15th July 2020:

Nithin Nagaraj on "AI: From Turing to Sophia"

Tilak Agerwala on "The Promise of Artificial Intelligence: Productivity, Innovation, and Social Good"

16th July 2020:

Snehanshu Saha on "From Small Data to Big Data: The Evolution of AI techniques"

L M Patnaik on “Recent AI Renaissance: A Harbinger of (R)Evolution? ”

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The last date of registration is 9th July 2020. 

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Zoom Links for the Workshop Lectures will be sent to the registered participants only. If you have any queries, do write to us <niasconsciousnessprogramme@gmail.com>.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020 to Thursday, July 16, 2020