NIAS Wednesday Discussion: 'Understanding Epilepsy through Genomics and Molecular Modelling', by Tanusree Chaudhuri, 4.00 PM

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              'Understanding Epilepsy through Genomics and Molecular Modelling'


Speaker:          Tanusree Chaudhuri

                        Senior Research Fellow, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, NIAS



Chairperson:     Sapam Tuleswori

                        Post-Doctoral Associate, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, NIAS



Date:               6th November 2019


Time:               4.00 PM


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS



Abstract:  Molecular biology is a branch of science that aims to understand, at an atomic level, the functioning of a cell, which is a fundamental unit of living systems. The three major biological molecules are: 1) proteins, 2) deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) and 3) ribo nucleic acid (RNA). These are linear hetero-polymers defined by sequential arrangement of monomeric units, twenty different types for proteins and four types for DNA and RNA. Proteins are the workhorses of the cell, and are architects of all types of chemical activity in the cell, ranging from energy production to replication. But protein production in the cell itself is controlled by RNA and DNA sequences (genomes), and therefore, knowing and analysing the genome sequences can be an important activity in healthcare.  Such studies can open up novel avenues for treatment of a variety of pathogenic and non-pathogenic human diseases.  In our present study, we have carried out a comparative analysis of normal human genome  with that of patients suffering from drug-refractory mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE). We have identified sequence alterations in the disease genomes, and have then investigated biological effects of some of these genetic variations, using the methodology of modelling three-dimensional structures of molecules. Details will be presented.


About the speaker: Ms. Tanusree Chaudhuri is working as a Senior Research Fellow under the guidance of Prof. M. V Hosur at NIAS. She obtained M.Tech in Bioinformatics and spent a long time in teaching Biotechnology.



NIAS Lecture Hall