NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "On the Network "Karez" Marked in Pre-Independence Maps of Bangalore" by Kuili Suganya, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 1600 hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              On the Network "Karez" Marked in Pre-Independence Maps of Bangalore


Speaker:          Kuili Suganya

                        PhD Scholar, School of Humanities, NIAS



Chairperson:          M. B. Rajani

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities, NIAS



Date:               08th August, 2018


Time:              4.00 pm


Venue:            Lecture Hall, NIAS


All are cordially invited


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Abstract:   Karez is an underground water supply system found in arid and semiarid region of Central Asia, parts of Europe, Northern Africa and China where water is transported from the source through underground tunnels from higher to lower altitude. Significance of this water supply system is that it uses gravity, doesn’t require energy for pumping and conserves water by reducing evaporation as entire system is located underground. Today in the world 51 countries have Karez network and many of these have the World Heritage tag.


Two pre-independence map sheets of Bangalore published by Survey of India marks a network of Karez. This raised our curiosity for two reasons: a) Bangalore is a region known for well, canal and tank irrigation systems and b) Its location is at a higher altitude than its surrounding environs. This talk discusses 1) the geospatial analysis carried out for identification of the network of Karez from the maps of Bangalore, 2) identifies its remnants and traces through ground survey and 3) Speculates the reason for Survey of India to categorize this network as Karez on these maps.


About the Speaker:  Kuili Suganya is a Conservation Architect and currently a PhD Scholar at NIAS. Her research interest is in understanding the relationship between traditional water systems and built environment.



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Wednesday, August 8, 2018