NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meeting: “Bangladesh and Myanmar: Rise of Radicalism” by Ms. Sourina Bej & Ms. Albertina Nithya B at Lecture Hall, NIAS

NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meeting

Topic: “Bangladesh and Myanmar: Rise of Radicalism”

Speaker: Ms. Sourina Bej & Ms. Albertina Nithya B
Interns, Int’l Strategic & Security Studies Programme,

Chairperson: Prof. D. Suba Chandran
Professor, Int’l Strategic & Security Studies
Programme, NIAS

Date: 8th June, 2016

Time: 9.30 am

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS

All are cordially invited

* * *

Abstract: The string of blogger deaths in Bangladesh and persecution of Rohingyas has put forth few pertinent questions. Is there an increased intolerance in both the countries? And is it the result of rising radicalism?

Bangladesh, since its inception, has remained largely secular with diverse religion, and opinions coexisting.  But the attack on the bloggers and liberal academicians hints at a dichotomy in the expression of the country’s pluralist identities. The killings of a small section of bloggers, with merely online presence, seem to have stirred the religious moorings of the country.

The multi-ethnic Myanmar is currently undergoing transition from military to a quasi-democratic government. The state has always been fraught with tensions between the ethnic groups and the regime over resource sharing. But the rising intolerance in the country is a new trend that is complicating the democratization process. The rise in radicalism coinciding with the onset of democracy poses new questions.

Are the countries inherently intolerant? Are the killings a trigger in bringing the radical features to the fore?  Or is there a new ideology in the making?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016