NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Identifying Gifted and Talented Children in a Multi-Cultural Context: An Experiment in India" by Anitha Kurup, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 1600 hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion 
Topic:              Identifying Gifted and Talented Children in a Multi-Cultural Context: An Experiment in India
Speaker:          Anitha Kurup
                        Professor and DeanSchool of Social Sciences, NIAS
Chairperson:     Anindya Sinha
                      Professor, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, NIAS
Date:               27th June 2018
Time:              4.00 pm
Venue:            Lecture Hall, NIAS
All are cordially invited
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Abstract:  The National Program on Gifted and talented education in India faces two sets of challenges. The first set of challenges is to articulate that the fundamental right to formal education today has not recognized the gifted children as children with “special needs” which they indeed are. Two, that the goal of equality in education is undermined by introducing a separate programme for the gifted and talented, especially for countries with limited resources. Contesting the claim that the gifted children are mostly from the urban elite, thereby contributing to increasing inequality, the paper argues that the gifted population are normally distributed and it is the method of identification that privileges the urban elite, which is the problem. Identifying and mentoring the gifted from underprivileged sections of the society may indeed fasten the pace of achieving equality in India. The NIAS Gifted Education Programme has developed a comprehensive set of protocols to identify gifted children which is sensitive to the diversity and socio-cultural variations of a large country like India. The presentation discusses the development and standardization of the identification method used in the programme.
About the Speaker: Anitha Kurup is a Professor and Dean, School of Social Sciences and Head of the Education Programme. She leads the National Gifted and Talented Education Program in India anchored at NIAS. The programme was initiated by the office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India in 2011. She and her team are developing Indian based identification and mentoring mechanisms for the gifted children in India in the age group 3-18 years. Several experiments of mentoring mechanisms are underway as a part of developing a multi-stage multi-level model of mentoring for the gifted children in India. Prof. Kurup was part of the National Core Committee that prepared the 4 Year integrated pre-service teacher training course submitted to the National Council of Teacher Education. Education for the gifted and talented was integrated as part of this curriculum. 
She has made a significant contribution to women in the STEM disciplines. Her publications “Trained Scientific Women Power: How much are we Losing and Why?” and “Trends Report: Creation and Analysis of Database of PhDs in India (1998-2007)” have been widely appreciated. Prof Anitha Kurup was awarded the Fulbright Nehru Senior Research Fellowship for the year 2011-2012 and was hosted at the University of California, Davis. Prof. Anitha Kurup was a Member, Governing Board of ISEC, Bangalore, and Member, Academic Council, Christ University.  She has several publications to her credit.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018