NIAS Wednesday Discussion, Dr. Shalini Dixit will speak on "Education for Sustainable Development in India: Curricula, Teachers and Classrooms"

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Title: Education for Sustainable Development in India: Curricula, Teachers and Classrooms

 Speaker: Shalini Dixit

                Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, NIAS

 Chair: Narendar Pani

 Date & Time: 02 September, 2020 at 4.00 PM

 Abstract: Sustainable development of society requires working on individual-level actions and collective decision-making, parallely. While policies and governance provide the broad contexts wherein individual thoughts and actions are shaped, individual attitudes can be fostered through education for sustainable development (EDS). In the current social structure, educational institutes are ideally placed to cultivate values related to sustainability. We have, however, very little understanding of how the education system and teachers have been responding to this call across our country. This talk will examine curricular and policy arrangements for ESD in India, along with findings from a study on ESD in the classroom.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020