NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Avionics as the Force Multiplier of Air Power" by P M Soundar Rajan, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion


Avionics as the Force Multiplier of Air Power



P M Soundar Rajan

Visiting Professor, Intn’l. Strategic and Security Studies Program, NIAS,   


Chairperson: Rajaram Nagapapa, Program Head, Intn’l. Strategic and Security Studies Program, NIAS,             


20th September, 2017, 9.30 am, Lecture Hall, NIAS


Abstract:  Avionics, or Airborne Electronics has become the prime contributor for mission effectiveness of a combat aircraft. It is essential for the basic flying of the aircraft under all weather conditions. It enables the pilot to penetrate enemy territory by   flying low – thanks to the Head Up Display and Reach the target in time and space, in the first pass – Thanks to the accurate Navigation- Inertial Navigation Integrated with Global Navigation Satellite System. It enhances Situation awareness of the pilot by projecting the Map or synthetic vision video from multispectral sensors displayed on Multi-Function Displays and/or on the Helmet Mounted Displays. The Active Radar or Passive Infra-Red Search and Track systems detect enemy targets, identify them and provide essential target location data to the Mission computer which computes, in real time missile or bomb trajectories and provides them to the pilot through the displays or automatically releases the weapons to achieve high probability kill rates. The Electronic Warfare Systems on board detect enemy radars and missiles through complex monitoring of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum and provide the essential Shield to the aircraft and improve survivability by Counter Measure Systems. This talk brings out the developments in the country in this critical area and also compares our readiness with the state of the art technologies worldwide.

About the Speaker: Prof PM Soundar Rajan graduated from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai in 1973 as an Electronics and Communication Engineer and obtained Master’s degree from IISc in 1989. He commenced his  career in 1973 with Electronics and Radar Development Establishment. During 1978-1996, he served in the Aeronautical Development Establishment and played a key role in the design and development of the LCA Mission Computer and Avionics System. At the Defence Avionics Research Establishment he contributed towards the development of Avionics subsystems for the Su30. As the Project Director of the MiG27 avionics upgrade, he successfully upgraded the aircraft which is currently in Squadron Service, delivering free fall weapons with Precision Guided Munition accuracies.  As Director of DARE, from 2011,  he guided the development of advanced Digital Electronic Warfare systems for the IAF aircraft and retired in 2014.    He is the recipient of AGNI Award for excellence in Self Reliance for the year 2003 and DRDO Performance Excellence Award for the year 2008.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017