NIAS Wednesday Discussion: “Ancient Monument or Concrete Temple: One Site Many Visions" by Dr Smriti Haricharan, Lecture Hall, 9.30hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Ancient Monument or Concrete Temple: One Site Many Visions


Smriti Haricharan

Assistant Professor, Heritage Science and Society Program, NIAS,


Chairperson: M B Rajani, Assistant Professor, Heritage Science and Society Program, NIAS,        


12th April, 2017, 9.30 am, Lecture Hall, NIAS


Abstract: The transformation of archaeological sites by the people living around it is not unusual to India. These transformations are seen by archaeologists as destruction of the site, but for the people living around the site it could be a way to live with the site or monument. These often divergent views lead to difficulties in building relationships between these various actors/stakeholders. There are many problems in India with regards to management of Archaeological sites, very often sand and stone quarrying is carried out not only by people living in the immediate vicinity of the site but by those remotely controlling these activities. However this paper looks at the reaction of people living around an archaeological site and monument, how do we understand their perception of this heritage? The paper argues that understanding these varied, and often different views from the dominant view projected, will help us with management of archaeological sites. And yet if these views mean reconstruction and reuse as a form of change rather than conservation how do archaeologists deal with what will essentially be a loss of information?

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