NIAS Public Lecture: “Science, Technology and the Future” by ​​Dr. V.K. Aatre, JRD Tata Auditorium, 1800 hrs



“Science, Technology and the Future”


​​Dr. V.K. Aatre

Formerly Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri, GoI

Chairperson: Prof. Rajaram Nagappa, NIAS


Date: Thursday, 15st December, 2016

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: JRD Tata Auditorium, NIAS


About the Speaker: Dr. V. K. Aatre, formerly Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri, Government of India, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D, Director General of DRDO and Director of Aeronautical Development Agency.  Previously he was Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Principle Scientific Officer and later he became the Director of National Physical Oceanograhic Laboratory (NPOL).  During his tenure at NPOL he spearheaded the development and production of sophisticated Underwater Technology (sonar suites and transducers) for the Indian Navy. Indeed due to this work Indian Navy is rendered totally self-reliant in sonar systems for all its three dimensions. He was also responsible for the design and construction of the first highly Instrumented Ocean Acoustic Research Ship – Sagaradwani – in India.  Later, he moved to the Head Quarters of DRDO as Chief Controller.  He is now a Visiting Professor at the IISc. As DG R&D (and SA to RM) he directed 51 laboratories to achieve self-reliance in Defence Technologies and Systems.  During his tenure India’s Light Combat Aircraft - Tejas – took to the sky for the first time and completed over 300 flights, went supersonic and several prototypes took part in the Aero India shows. It was also during this period that the India’s strategic IRBM was operationalised. Besides giving overall boost to research and development in vast array of technologies, Dr. Aatre was deeply involved in the Human Resource Development in DRDO.  


Dr. Aatre has been at the hub of developmental work in the emerging area of Smart Materials and Micro-electro-mechanical-systems or MEMS. Besides conceptualizing and directing the multi-departmental (DST, DRDO, DOS,CSIR, and DIT) and multi-institutional National Program on Smart Materials, he is the founder president of Institute of Smart Structures and Systems  which is deeply involved in the human resource development in this area and in  productizing MEMS through industries and applications in various areas including automobile and biomedical fields.  During four decades of his career as a teacher, researcher, technologist, and technology manger, Dr. Aatre has been an exceptional leader and excellent mentor.  During his illustrious career he has been honoured with several awards and fellowships of  several societies.  He is recipient of ‘Padmabhushan’.   Dr. Aatre holds a Ph.D.  degree from University of Waterloo, Canada.



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