NIAS-Heritage, Science and Society Program: Debating Heritage (Friday Lecture)-Dr. Mokshada M Salunke will speak on "Palaeolithic Cultural Heritage of the Middle Godavari basin, Telangana"

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Debating Heritage (Friday lecture)


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Topic: Palaeolithic Cultural Heritage of the Middle Godavari basin, Telangana





Dr. Mokshada M. Salunke

Trivandrum International School

Korani, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala



Date: 18/09/2020

Time: 4.30. P.M




The state of Telangana has a rich and varied cultural heritage popularly from the historical and the medieval period, be it the magnificent temples of the Kakatiya dynasty or the breath-taking QutbShahi monuments. One of the fields that has received ample consideration of many scholars but is still deprived of popular attention is the Palaeolithic phase of the region. The Middle Godavari basin that lies to north of the state, was extensively surveyed by Thakur Raja Ram Singh in the late 70s and early 80s. Building on his survey, the present work has brought to light an important region in South India,as far as Palaeolithic studies are considered, with new data on distribution of sites, stratigraphic contexts and geomorphology, nature of lithic assemblage, their reduction sequences and changes within them through time. Three seasons of exploration have resulted in reinvestigation of 20 Acheulian, Middle Palaeolithic and Late Palaeolithic sites with a total of 2,657 artefacts analysed. It has also brought in a new insight into the varied behavioural strategies based on detailed studies of lithics and landscape scale variability. Although not dated yet, there is a potential of stratified sites that can be useful for future studies.


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Coordinator: Dr S. Udayakumar
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Friday, September 18, 2020