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Organised by NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of 

Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bengaluru 560012

Programme: Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya

Introduction: Shankar Rajaraman, Meera Kumar Menon, Preeth Khona

Artist:  Prabal Gupta

Date: 1st September 2020

Time:  04:00 pm – 05.00pm 

Venue: Zoom online meeting - RSVP to to receive the Zoom link and attend the lecture.


Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya
"The Bard and the Beautiful"
In this much awaited Kaavyaalaap session, Kathakali  exponent Prabal Gupta will perform two sequences, one from Shakespeare's Macbeth and another from Antony and Cleopatra. The research work for these adaptations were undertaken by Guru Sri. Sadanam Balakrishnan. We will be honoured by his presence as the chief guest for this programme. Dr Shankar Rajaraman has written the Sanskrit lyrics for both the adaptations. Music direction and Vocals by Sri Sadanam Sivadas and Sri. Sadanam Jyothish Babu, Chenda and Edakkya accompaniment by Sri. Sadanam Ramakrishnan, and Maddalam by Sri. Sadanam Devadas. We also look forward to the presence of renowned dance critics, Prof. Sunil Kothari, Ms. Tapati Chowdhurie, and Ms. Ranee Kumar at this august gathering.
About the artist: 
Prabal Gupta, a most sought after Performer, Choreographer and a Research Scholar is a prominent name in the world of Kathakali. Initially trained under guru Sri FACT Padmanabhan, Prabal Gupta continued his advanced studies in Kathakali under the legendary Kathakali Exponent and Research Scholar – Central Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee Guru Sri Sadanam     Balakrishnan ji. Prabal is also a graded artist of   Doordarshan and is empanelled as an ‘Established Artist’ by the ICCR Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India. Prabal is also recognized as an “ OUTSTANDING ARTIST” by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for Festivals of India held abroad. He is awarded the  ‘Outstanding Citizen of New York’, by the Council of New York, USA.
Kaavyaalaap ("poetic conversation") is an initiative by the NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme aimed at popularizing poetry and allied art forms. We, with NIAS-CSP, believe that aesthetic experience of any kind can significantly and positively transform the individual's consciousness by allowing it to break free of the limitations imposed by day-to-day experience. Our endeavour is to provide an online platform for connoisseurs of poetry and related art forms to collectively experience an expansion of consciousness by being part of a carefully co-created aesthetic space. 
As an ongoing and fortnightly enterprise, Kaavyaalaap involves both Vaisistya  (formal) and Vaividhya (informal) sessions devoted to multi-lingual poetry and art forms that compliment poetry. These sessions are characterized by active participation and discussion. In the formal sessions, we invite scholar-poets to acquaint us with the nuances of poetry composed in specific languages. The Vaividhya sessions are occasions for poetry-reading by a selected panel of poets and enthusiasts from diverse linguistic backgrounds, based on a variety of chosen themes, or poets of liking. Please note that our online sessions will be facilitated through zoom calls.
Coordinators: Preeth Khona and Meera Kumar.
If you have a question or a suggestion for a poet, email the Coordinator of NIAS CSP KAAVYAALAAP 
Preeth Khona. Email:
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Tuesday, September 1, 2020