Lecture by Dr. Raj Verma on 'Will China supersede the US?: Distilling facts from fiction'

National Institute of Advanced Studies

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International Strategic and Security Studies Programme



Title: Will China supersede the US?: Distilling facts from fiction


Speaker: Dr. Raj Verma


Chairperson: Dr. M. Mayilvaganan


Date: Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Time: 3:45 pm

Venue: Conference Hall 2, NIAS



The headlines are dominated by statements that despite the slowdown, China is going to surpass the US economically within 10-15 years. Eminent scholars like Bisley (2010), Kennedy (2010), Ferguson (2009), Sachs (2009) and Quah (2013) among others contend that with China’s rise, there is a shift of power from the West to the East. Others like Subramanian (2011) contend that China is an inevitable superpower, its global dominance is inevitable and it poses a serious challenge to US hegemony. This at least is how many economists, historians and students of world politics and international affairs are now viewing the nature of the larger international system. Using paradigms of economics, international political economy and international relations theory especially realism and liberalism, and examining hard power namely economic, political and military power and soft power, Dr Raj Verma contends that Sino-US rivalry is hyperbole. China neither has the intention nor the capability to replace the US as the hegemon in the future. Moreover, although the US is on the decline, the US is and for the foreseeable future will remain the most powerful country in the world. 



About the Speaker:

Dr Raj Verma is Assistant Professor in International Relations at the School of International and Public Affairs at Jilin University, China. In the past he has been Fudan Senior Fellow at Centre for BRICS Studies and the Gandhi Institute, Fudan University, Visiting Fellow at Centre for International Studies, LSE, Fellow at the Asia Research Centre at LSE, Visiting Fellow at Nankai University and Visiting Fellow at Liberty Institute, India. Dr Verma has an MPhil and PhD in International Relations from LSE. Dr Verma has taught in the Department of Economics and Department of International Relations at LSE. He has worked in think tanks and policy research institutions in India and in the UK and has significant experience as an economist and consultant. His research is focused on Indian foreign and security policy, China’s foreign and security policy, India and China in Africa, India’s and China’s comparative and international political economy, Sino-Indian-US relations, BRICS, international politics of Asia-Pacific and international relations theory. He is the author of 'India and China in Africa: A Comparative perspective of the oil industry' (forthcoming) among other publications. He has been frequently interviewed by media on economic and financial market developments in Asia-Pacific, Indian foreign policy, Indo-Sino-US relations, current affairs of Asia, and India and China in Africa.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2016