First Baldev Raj Memorial Lecture: “A personal tribute-A Visionary Technology Leader and a Citizen of the world” by Prof. S Ranganathan, JRD Tata Auditorium, NIAS, 1800hrs

National Institute of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Science Campus

Bengaluru-560 012


Prof. V S Ramamurthy, Interim Director, Faculty & Staff at NIAS

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“A personal tribute - A Visionary Technology Leader and a Citizen of the world”


to be delivered by


Prof. S Ranganathan

NASI Platinum Jubilee Fellow, IISc &

Honorary Visiting Professor, NIAS


Date:               Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018

Time:               6.00 pm (Coffee/Tea: 5.30 pm) 

Venue:             JRD Tata Auditorium, NIAS, IISc Campus, Bengaluru 560 012


Abstract: Baldev Raj was born on April 9, 1947 in Kashmir in a family of modest means. Amrit Kaur, his mother was a strong influence on him. He inherited a love for learning, hard work and ethics from her. He was blessed with many gifts. But it is the deliberate choices that he made at crucial points in his life that enabled him to make magnificent contributions to several domains of technology innovation, education and cultural heritage. He was inspired by Homi Bhabha in these choices. His major contribution has been the development of Fast Breeder Reactors at Kalpakkam over four decades. He assisted PSG Tech at Coimbatore to scale new heights. In a short time of three years he increased the faculty, resources and visibility of the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He passed away on January 6, 2018. In this span of seventy years his work was that of many lifetimes.

His positive attitude made an impact on the numerous individuals, who came under his spell. He bridged disciplines, societies and nations. The special way he brought academia, industry and Government together is remarkable.  His contributions are extensive and without parallel in the annals of Indian metallurgy and materials engineering. The privilege of guiding him for his doctoral thesis and the subsequent interactions gave insights into the functioning of his brain and heart. His gentle smile and the twinkle in his eye drew people of all ages and from all walks of life to him. His work will continue to inspire.

 As one who has been in constant interactions for more than four decades, Prof S Ranganathan will bring out the unique journey of Prof. Baldev Raj in moving from excellence to eminence.


About the Speaker: Srinivasa Ranganathan is currently NASI Platinum Jubilee Fellow at the Indian Institute of Science and Honorary Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies. His interests cover physical metallurgy, history of science and materials heritage. He has coauthored a book on India's Legendary Wootz Steel: An advanced material of the ancient world.  

He enabled as coordinator the ambitious DST Programme on Indian Digital Heritage – Hampi. He took leadership in securing recognition to the Delhi Iron Pillar as a Historical Landmark by the American Society for Materials International. He is a Fellow of four Indian Academies of Science and Engineering and the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).


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All are cordially invited

Wednesday, February 28, 2018