China hones its “soft power”

National Institute of Advanced Studies
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International Strategic and Security Studies Programme
Title: China hones its “soft power”
Speaker: Prof. Anurag Viswanath 
Chairperson: Ambassador Saurabh Kumar
Date: Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Time: 3:30 pm
Venue: Conference Hall 2, NIAS
That China has big power ambitions is no secret. The transformation of China in the last 30 years to become a pre-eminent economic power has encouraged China to throw its weight politically, financially and militarily in its relentless pursuit of regaining its past glory as the "Middle Kingdom" – sometimes with an in-your-face approach. However, wanting something in a hurry and attaining something are two different things. Especially, when you scare your neighbors and everybody else. China has realized this over the last decade and has put emphasis on another dimension of power - "soft power".
The speaker will share a few thoughts how China is going about this dimension - focusing on areas like people to people contact, cultural and social diplomacy, education - based on her experience and observation - and would be glad to engage in an open discussion after that. As with everything about China, is China  trying to do this also in a hurry?
About the Speaker:
Anurag Viswanath is an avid China watcher who has been writing about China regularly for more than a decade, with numerous articles in the Bangkok Post, The Nation and Prachatai in Thailand, Far East Economic Review in Hong Kong, as well as Financial Express and Business Standard in India, among others. A Mandarin speaker, she has travelled extensively throughout China. She lived in Shanghai as a researcher at Fudan University for her doctoral dissertation on the poverty alleviation dimension of China’s reforms. An Adjunct Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi, she presently lives in Singapore.
All are cordially invited
Tuesday, January 5, 2016