NIAS conducts several residential courses every year as a part of its foundational mandate. These courses combine elements of research conducted internally by the faculty and larger issues identified in terms of their national and international significance.  Their multidisciplinary character and an integrated approach to knowledge and information distinguish these courses.  The courses aid the participants to acquire knowledge outside their fields of specialization and hence broaden their perspective which will enable them to become effective leaders and decision makers.  The faculty for these courses include faculty from NIAS and researchers, scholars, leaders and policy makers from different parts of the country and occasionally from outside the country as well. 

Courses for Senior Executives
Courses for Senior Executives

Course for All India Service (AIS) Officers

Courses sponsored by DST
Courses sponsored by DST





20 Sep 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Avionics as the Force Multiplier of Air Power" by P M Soundar Rajan, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
20 Sep 2017 Pre-thesis Colloquium: "Emergence of Urban Settlements in North Karnataka – c.300 BC-c.300 CE with particular reference to Sannati" by Ms. Hema Thakur, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 11.30hrs
13 Sep 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: “Reconfiguring the Humanities PhD in the Digital Age” by Namitha A Kumar, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
13 Sep 2017 to 15 Sep 2017 International Conference: CONNECTING CULTURES: Rāmāyaṇa Retellings in South India and Southeast Asia, Bengaluru.
8 Sep 2017 NIAS Thesis Proposal Presentation: "Dreams and Discontents: Understanding career and life-path of high school students in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh" by Mr. Subroto Dey, Conference Hall 2, NIAS, 1130hrs
8 Sep 2017 NIAS Thesis Proposal Presentation: "Implications of Local Conflicts on Bilateral Relations: Cases of Land Boundary and Enclave Conflicts on India-Bangladesh Relations" by Mr. Surya Sankar Sen, Conference Hall 2, NIAS, 1030hrs
7 Sep 2017 NIAS Public Lecture: “Bionic Ear and Bionic Eye: Progress against Hearing Disabilities and Visual Impairment” By Dr. V Bhujanga Rao, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 1600hrs
6 Sep 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Lights, Camera, Action! Behind the Scenes of a Study of Asian Elephants in a Human-Dominated Landscape" by Nishant Srinivasaiah, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
31 Aug 2017 NIAS Thesis Proposal Presentation: Geospatial Analysis of Water Features in the Archaeological Landscape of Malaprabha River Valley by Ms. Kuili Suganya, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 1530hrs
31 Aug 2017 ISSSP Discussion: "India and US: Converting the Defence Relations into a Strategic Partnership" (Speaker:Prof Amit Gupta, USAF Air War College, Alabama, USA), NIAS Lecture Hall, 1030hrs