The NIAS–IISC Collaborative Programme

The NIAS–IISC Collaborative Programme

A collaborative research and teaching programme was officially initiated between NIAS and IISc when Prof Baldev Raj and Prof Anurag Kumar, the two Directors, signed an overarching Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions on 31 May 2017. Although there has always been a close link, both in terms of individual research collaborations and jointly taught teaching programmes, between the two institutions from early times, this MoU marks a new beginning to this valuable relationship.

Under the aegis of this Programme, NIAS and IISc would consider jointly fostering and developing ideas leading to research, teaching, training or outreach programmes that fall within the common interests of both institutions. Particular emphasis has been laid on joint-interest research programmes in terms of development of ideas and projects—particularly those with a significant component of policy-oriented research.

Moreover, it was agreed that the two institutions would provide academic supervision and even joint doctoral research guidance, if appropriate, for students involved in joint research programmes in areas that have already been identified by the two institutions as also expand such collaborations to other areas in which the two institutions have significant and complementary strengths, as, for example, water, energy, climate change, manufacturing, ecology and animal behaviour, or culture and heritage.

Importantly, NIAS and IISc would provide doctoral, post-graduate and graduate students from both institutions opportunities to register for courses across the two institutions and receive credit for the same, as and when appropriate. In fact, we agreed that we would explore the possibility of initiating new courses at the different academic levels mentioned above in areas of mutual interest, potentially offered jointly by faculty drawn from both institutions, especially in the humanities and social sciences, history and philosophy of science, and in science studies.

Moreover, NIAS and IISc would consider organising inter-institution dialogues as well as discussion meetings, conferences and workshops in areas of mutual academic interest, with the participation of faculty, students and staff of both institutions.

Finally, it was agreed that this MoU would be an overarching one while certain research or teaching programmes and projects, which would be organised jointly, could also be subject to more focussed agreements, as, for example, the facility for cross-registering of courses by the students of the two institutions, which was also signed along with the overarching MoU. Both MoUs would be circulated to all the faculty soon.

The coordinator of the NIAS-IISc Collaborative Programme would be Prof R Suba Chandran.


Content by: Anindya Sinha