Past Events

12 May 2017 National Consultation: A One Day National Consultation on "Technological and Social Solutions to Major Drinking Water Challenges facing India", NIAS Water Programme, supported by the DST, GoI.
9 May 2017 to 11 May 2017 NIAS Summer Workshop: "Fifth Summer Workshop for Children Under NIAS Gifted Education Programme - Exploring Excellence with Nature, Science and Art"
3 May 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: “‘Forbidden knowledge’: Understanding martial arts” by Binoy V V, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
28 Apr 2017 Seventh FIRST Lecture: "Natural / Social" by Sundar Sarukkai, Conference Hall-II, NIAS, 1530 hrs
26 Apr 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Reaching Out: Intentional and Referential Multimodal Communication between Wild Bonnet Macaques and Humans" by Anindya Sinha, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
19 Apr 2017 NIAS Public Lecture: "Multi-Billion Dollar Projects to find answers to some fundamental questions in Physics and Astronomy" by Prof. B V Sreekantan, Lecture Hall, 1600 hrs
19 Apr 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Drought Severity Assessment & its Mapping in the Drier Regions of Karnataka" by Jayasree Vaidyanathan, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs
15 Apr 2017 NIAS Y Sharada Prasad Memorial Lecture: "Mass Movements: A Physicist Looks at Living Matter" by Prof Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy, JRD Tata Auditorium, 1800 hrs
13 Apr 2017 NIAS Student Presentation: "Dynamics of Rural Transformation in Karnataka: A View from three Villages" by Soundarya Iyer, Lecture Hall, 1400 hrs
12 Apr 2017 NIAS Wednesday Discussion: “Ancient Monument or Concrete Temple: One Site Many Visions" by Dr Smriti Haricharan, Lecture Hall, 9.30hrs